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John Edwards Scandal Points to Fact That Men are Harmed by Abortion

An important but often unacknowledged angle of the abortion debate involves the serious effects that legalized abortion has on men. A recent scandal surrounding John Edwards, former North Carolina Senator and U.S. presidential candidate, brought this issue into plain view. Mr. Edwards publicly acknowledged an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter in the summer of 2008, a few months after pulling out of the presidential race…..

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Cartoons Poke Fun at Pro-Abortion Opposition to Tim Tebow Pro-Life Commercial

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Chinese Human-Rights Crusaders Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 8, 2010 ( – A bipartisan group of Congressmen have nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three stalwart Chinese human rights activists who have suffered enormously for championing the religious, political, and natural rights of Chinese citizens. Two nominees have been persecuted specifically for fighting China’s brutal policy of forced abortion and sterilizations under the “one-child” policy.

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Tim Tebow not the first football player to make pro-life video

 (CNA).- The recent announcement that Tim Tebow and his mother will appear in a pro-life Super Bowl ad has generated much criticism, but such appearances are not new to football, as evidenced by a video published by the American Life League in 2007.

The 1986 Super Bowl featured the New York Giants vs. the Denver Broncos, with the Giants besting the Broncos 39-20.

Following their victory, six different members of the team spoke in a video about the evil of abortion. They used their personal experience, tying it into their experience on the field, to show just what they thought of the practice of killing potential future champions in the womb.

Spanish government course teaches sex can be practiced with ‘girl, boy or animal’

Zapoteroism gone crazy !

Madrid, Spain, Feb 3, 2010 / 01:01 pm (CNA).- Parent organizations in Spain are fiercely protesting the curriculum of the Socialist government’s required education course, “Education for the Citizenry,” after it was revealed that in one Spanish city, students are being taught that sex can be freely practiced, even with animals.

According to the organization “Professionals for Ethics,” third grade students in Cordoba, located in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, are using course material stating that “nature has given us sex so we can use it with another girl, with a boy or with an animal.”  Parents groups say the material indoctrinates children and camouflages an agenda that is pro-homosexual and critical of moral norms and values. 

In the region of Castille and Leon, some 500 students have been excused from participating in the course for reasons of conscience, while hundreds in Madrid and Valencia are awaiting a ruling from the courts on whether or not they are required to attend

Former abortion facility director exposes abortionist’s trade Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute in America has conducted an amazingly revealing interview with Abby Johnson, the former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion facility. ……………..Abby’s boss started really hounding her about increasing abortion numbers at her facility. Her boss told her: “We’ve just got to get more women in here for abortions … Abortion’s got to be your priority, because that’s where our money is.” Abby described this as “sick”, and PP’s stated aim of helping women as “a farce”. Abby said this conversation was the beginning of the end of her commitment to PP.

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New York Times defends pro-life Superbowl tv advert…wonders never cease:-)

New York Times defends pro-life Superbowl tv advert…wonders never cease:-)

That bastion of liberal causes the New York Times produced an editorial today which challenged the so called pro-choice lobby to live up to their claim that they promote real choice rather than just  Abortion….